Question and Answers:

Kronic Zombie 2.0

Will Ranks and Perks Transfer?

  • Yes ranks will transfer but your completion of the Auto Rank Checklist may not transfer. There are a few reason this my not transfer.
    • 2.0 is a separate server so everything is being redone from the ground up!
    • 2.0 will have a 100% new Auto Rank check-list for all ranks, including the old ones.
  • Yes perks will transfer or replacements will be found.
    • example: if you have gun skins now, you will have them on 2.0.
    • example: if you won a chat colors, you will have them on 2.0.

Will I Keep My Plot?

  • Yes and No, the region('s) you have earned or donated for will be re-setup for you on the 2.0 map. This means the region only, nothing will be copied from the old Map to the new Map.
    • To reduce any issues with the new Map at launch or in the future, we do not want to copy chunks from the old Kronic Zombie map to the New 2.0 map.
    • Donators Regions will be Grandfathered into the New 2.0 map. There will be no more Donation for More land on the 2.0 Map. There will be other ways to Donate for Land in other areas of the 2.0 Hub.
    • There will be 3 land claims total for the New Ranking System.
    • All Vip Regions will be expanded to 20x20x20's

Will Cash Transfer?

  • Yes and No, your In Hand Balances will not Transfer. With that said you will still be granted Cash for each rank you earned on the original Kronic Zombie server. As a Example, If you are Triggerman you would get your Starting Balance lets say $10,000.00 plus the Cash for earning Marksman lets say $20,000.00 and your Cash for Being a Triggerman. So thats $30,000.00 more, which make a total of $60,000.00 In Hand.
    • Bank Cash is another story, The bank will be used to help transfer some of our Prized items we earned though the years we shared here. Your Bank Balance's, Items, Exp. will transfer to the new server. So you can have $500,000.00 in the Bank on the day 2.0 launches!

Will Items Transfer?

  • Yes and No, The Bank will get a New Max limit 30 Days before the Launch of 2.0. There will Announcements all over the server telling you to prepare your Banks for 2.0! This means any items you want to Transfer to 2.0 you can, within the limits of the new bank cap.
    • As an example Transferring to the 2.0 server the Bank slots will be raised to 10,000. This means you will be able to store 10,000 slots worth of items, blocks, armor, heads, etc. On the day of the switch the Bank files will be sent from 1.0 to 2.0 server. There will be bank cap of 300 slots on the 2.0 server, but you will have your 10,000 items in your bank. When you remove a item lets say the 10,000 item you can not place another item in since your cap is 300. So if you want to use your bank again like normal you would need to empty your banks into chest etc that you have setup on the new server.

The 2.0 Lobby:

Click "here" for more info on the lobby and how it works.

The 2.0 Map:

    • kroniczombie will have a 100% New Map!
    • New Locations and some legacy Locations from kzs1.0.
    • Cities, Lakes, Sewers, and More!

What Are The New Ranks?:

More ranks have been requested for a long time. The issue was not just making the ranks but making a story for the ranks.

#1: Traveller

#2: Marksman

#3: Triggerman

#4: Ranger

#5: Bountyhunter

#6: Executioner

#7: Bombsquad

#8: Korpsman

#9: Specialist

#10: Clandestine

#11: Vip

#12: Alpha

#13: Beta

#14: Gamma

#15: Delta

#16: Epsilon

#17: Zeta

#18: Eta

#19: Theta

#20: Iota

#21: Kappa

#22: Lambda

#23: Mu

#24: Nu

#25: Xi

#26: Omicron

#27: Pi

#28: Rho

#29: Sigma

#30: Tau

#31: Upsilon

#32: Phi

#33: Chi

#34: Psi

#35: Omega