The Lobby

The 2.0 lobby is more of a hub. This lobby or hub depending on what you want to call it, the hub will connect multiple servers into one single server. So kronic is going to be like a (insert server here). We would like to think we will be very unique as are separate servers (mini-games) will be lored to the main server (kroniczombie) and earn you perks in the main server. So more like a massive multi-world where the server feels as if it is one game still. Not the separation you feel on your normal hub servers.

As an example this would allow you to join a 1v1 arena to earn new /tags or other special perks for winning in that lore-server.

Let me give another example. You login to kronic zombie 2.0 and go to a lore-server called "The Lab." While playing you learn more on how the infection started for kronic zombie and earn perks at the same time.

Building Supply Shop:

This is where you will purchase most your building supplies on the kronic zombie 2.0 server. The item frame shops you are already use to will cross over to the new server.

Gear Up!

Armor shops will contain item frame shops also! Fancy invisible armor-stands will be used to display the item you are purchasing as well as the item frame itself will show the item.