• Updates and Changes:
    • its typical of changes to take effect around 11:59pm CST or a few hours into the next day. this can result in a update around 3am CST the day after the posted date above.
    • We still consider the date of change to be the day listed below, even if the changes happen a few hours into the next day.
    • 2017's changes can be found by clicking the calendar.


  • Backup - server backup was made.


  • Spawns - increased spawn rates!


  • Backup - 3am server backup.
    • full server backup
    • full mysql database backup
    • all files sent to home for offline testing and updates.


  • LeaderBoards - reset these on the 1st.
  • Youtube - Removed a few inactive channels.
    • Added Youtuber Trail.
    • Added Youtuber Tag.
      • if you do not have your trail or youtube tag please use the contact page on this site.
  • ProjectManager - promoted Dan to PM to help with the production of the 2.0 hub.
  • CandyHearts - created models for candy hearts, configs are next!
  • Buycraft - Paid for this months buycraft to keep the donation site active.