Weapon Skins and Styles

Gun skins would not be possible without the new additions to Minecraft 1.9. If ever Minecraft decides to remove this code we can no longer offer this perk.

Support Package Info:

This pack contains the ability to paint almost every gun to the single selected skin color you choose. You will select your Skin color in the kronic zombie shop before purchase.

You are allowed to buy more than one Skin color, and your Skin Coloring will stack. This means if you purchase blue you can also purchase red and have both color options. This does not allow you to mix colors, but would allow you to have a red shotgun and a blue sniper if you wanted.

This perk will allow you to unlimitedly paint most your guns, so long as you have paint. Paint can be bought in game at the Dye shop and is not expensive.


Skin Coloring of the Selected Color



How to Paint:

Your Gun + Paint (Dye) in a crafting table (/craft) will allow you to skin your weapon as long as you have the perk!

Paint Thinner:

WARNING: if you use Paint Thinner you can not repaint that item.

Painting is one time per item and a single option to remove the paint. You can remove the paint with /craft and the following items.

1 painted gun +1 water_bucket +1 regen_potion = a de-skinned weapon.