The new advanced weapon augments are stackable . Some items will only allow you to have a limited amount of augments at one time. Did I mention some of the melee items will also have the ability to augment them. You can thank the K.O.R.E. for creating these new advanced features.

Combat Update: (coming soon!)

This update will change all guns models and mechanics to allow more advance features. The update will also add quite a few melee items!

As you may already know this update will break all current guns and most melee items. This means all your old guns and some special items will most likely no longer work.

Some of the new augments (attachments) are:

  • K.O.R.E. DWINDLER AUGMENT (lighter weapon)
  • K.O.R.E. NIMBLER AUGMENT (faster reload)
  • K.O.R.E. DISTENDER AUGMENT (extended clips)
  • K.O.R.E. DYNAMIC AUGMENT (Increased damage)
  • K.O.R.E. REDUCER AUGMENT (better accuracy)
  • K.O.R.E. AMPLIFIER AUGMENT (Increased damage)
  • K.O.R.E. RAPID AUGMENT (faster fire-rate)
  • Zoom, Rubber Bullets, and more will be added but may be a little later on.